Problems, inputs, outputs and oficial solutions

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[-b-] Strange Billboard b.out b.pdf b.c b2.c
[-c-] Phone Cell c.out c.pdf c.c c-slow.c
[-h-] Hexagonal Parcels h.out h.pdf h.c
[-k-] Key Task k.out k.pdf k.c k2.c
[-l-] Gates of Logic l.out l.pdf l.c
[-n-] Weird Numbers n.out n.pdf n.c
[-p-] Rectangular Polygons p.out p.pdf p.c p2.c
[-r-] Reaux! Sham! Beaux! r.out r.pdf r.c
[-s-] Robotic Sort s.out s.pdf s.c s-slow1.c s-slow2.c s-slow3.c
[-w-] Rough Water Level w.out w.pdf w.c
Introduction,, intro.pdf
Presentation of solutions (524kB) (2.7MB)

Practice session

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[-a-] Marching Ants a.out a.pdf a.c
[-b-] Software Bugs b.out b.pdf b.c
[-c-] Character Recognition c.out c.pdf c.c
[-d-] Hamming Distance d.out d.pdf d.c
[-e-] Desperate Electrician e.out e.pdf e.c (770 kB)