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ACM Programming Contest

Getting to Contest

The Contest takes place in the building E of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. This building is located in the center of Prague, at Karlovo namesti (Charles Square), just by the underground station "Karlovo namesti" of the line B (the yellow one). Therefore, the best way to get to the Contest building from anywhere is to find any subway station and go to "Karlovo namesti".

Anyway, we prepared a basic description of the route you have to take to move to the various places. This Contest Guide can be found on a special page.

Information on Prague tells some important facts about Prague, its public transport, maps of the city etc.

Sightseeing in Prague is the basic guide to the most interesting places, historical buildings etc.

Useful Information considers all the thing you should know about the Czech Republic - its currency, language etc.

Airplane Coming by air

The fastest way to get to Prague is to use an airplane, of course. The airport is located in Ruzyne (the region at the north-west side of the town). You should find the bus number 119 and use it to get to the underground station.

You can also take a taxi or use a bus of Czech Airlines. Anyway, the both possibilities are much more expensive than a public transport, so we do not recommend it to you.

Train Coming by train

There are more railway stations in Prague. But the international trains usually stop in the Main Station (also called Woodrow Wilson Station) or in Holesovice Railway Station. There is an underground entry in the both of these stations, and the both are placed at the line C (the red one). So you can use the underground to go anywhere you want.

Bus Coming by bus

There are many bus stations in Prague and you can arrive at any of them. So we do not describe how to get from there. Anyway, there is an underground station near each of these bus terminals. It should be easy to find it and get to the subway system.

Train Coming by car

You should check all the traffic rules if you decide to come by car. The most important things are:

  • We are driving on the right side of the street. ;-)
  • Remember that alcohol is not allowed for drivers - even a little amount could cause you very serious troubles.
  • Speed limits are 50kmph in cities, 130kmph on motorways, 90kmph elsewhere.
  • Motorway fee is 1200 CZK per year or 350 CZK for 3 months or 250 CZK for 10 days for private cars. The labels are sold at the border and by the gas stations.
  • The gas is sold for about 30 CZK per 1 litre.
  • Usage of seat belts is required on all seats equipped.