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Information on Prague

This page includes basic information on Prague - including the public transport system. If you are interesting in Sightseeing, there is another web page about the interesting places in Prague.

The Map of Prague

The following map serves for you to get a basic orientation in Prague. It shows the most important Metro stations and location of some interesting places. The map was taken from the server of Geodezie CS and its unauthorized copying or publishing is prohibited. Geodezie

City map of Prague

The small blue circle is the location of Department of Computer Science and Engineering, CTU Prague. The blue rectangle is Bethlehem Chapel and the triangle shows the position of Hotel Krystal. The letters stand for the following Metro stations:

Line A Line B Line C
D Dejvicka A Andel Y Muzeum
H Hradcanska K Karlovo namesti N Hlavni nadrazi
M Malostranska T Narodni trida F Florenc
S Staromestska X Mustek V Vltavska
X Mustek R Namesti Republiky
Y Muzeum F Florenc

Prague Public Transport


The public transport system in Prague includes buses, trams, underground and funicular. The same tickets are used for all of these kinds. Note, that the tickets are not sold in the vehicles! This means you have to buy the ticket before - they are sold in news-stalls and in ticket machines. After entering any vehicle, you have to stamp the ticket in the stamp machine. Without stamping is the ticket invalid!

Here are types of tickets

Metro (Prague Underground System)

The underground system consists of three lines: A (green color), B (yellow) and C (red). There are change stations between any two of these lines - Mustek (A and B), Muzeum (A and C), Florenc (B and C). The most important stations can be seen in the above picture.