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Information on the Czech Republic

This web page should be handy to any foreigner visitors to the Czech Republic, especially to Prague. It gives the brief description on the important facts you should know if you intend to visit the Czech Republic. The information is divided into the following categories:

Czech Language

The official language in the Czech Republic is Czech. It is very hard to learn for any foreigner. Beside others, it has seven grammatical cases (more than Latin). Since it is a Slavonian language, the czech people are usually able to understand (but not speak) other Slavonian languages. Many people (and especially the young people) can speak German or English. So if you speak one of these languages, you should be always able to find someone who will understand you.

Czech language also uses two types of diacritic marks - checks and acutes. Sometimes it is useful to use such marks, e.g. when describing street names and so on. But characters with these marks has appropriate numbers in ISO-8859-2 encoding table only. We cannot use the marks on our web pages in its original form because many visitors would be unable to see them. So when we need to denote any diacritics in a czech word, we use the LaTeX style of writing non-ascii characters.

You might also need the Czech dictionary to understand various signs and labels. If you want there are several web on-line dictionaries, e.g. here, or here.


The czech currency is Czech Crown denoted with an acronym CZK. In the czech language it is called ceska koruna (\vcesk\'a koruna) with the abbreviation Kc (K\vc). One crown is divided into 100 hellers (hal\'e\vr). The exchange rate is approximately 20 Kc to $1. If you need the exact valid rates, try this web page.

The valid banknotes are 20Kc, 50Kc, 100Kc, 200Kc, 500Kc, 1000Kc, 2000Kc, and 5000Kc. Coins can have the value of 50Kc, 20Kc, 10Kc, 5Kc, 2Kc, 1Kc. You can have a look at the banknote pictures at the Czech National Bank server. Please change your money in the exchange offices or in banks only.

Accepted creditcards are: Visa, Eurocard, Master Cards, American Express, Euro Change. They are accepted in some restaurants and stores only.