CTU Open Contest, 2021

Welcome to the web pages of CTU Open Contest 2021 - programming contest organised by the Czech Technical University in Prague. CTU Open 2021 was held on 26 and 27 Nov 2021 in Prague, Pilsen, Ostrava and Žilina.

The best teams from this subregional contest can participate in Central European Regional Contest (CERC 2021), which will take place in Ljubljana, probably in February 2022, details here. In this Regional Contest teams will be fighting for participation in the ICPC World Finals 2021

The following programming languages are available: Java, C++, C and Python.
It is also advisable to read the technical rules. More information is available at the web pages of Baylor University.

The rules for using the literature: Contestants may use any literature in paper form (books, manuals, printouts, dictionaries). Contestants are not allowed to use literature in electronic form or any other software or data.
To advance to the regional contest it is necessary to comply rules represented in The Eligibility Decision Tree.

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