Problems, inputs, outputs and oficial solutions

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[-a-] ABB (7MB) abb.pdf
[-b-] Be Geeks! (8MB) begeeks.pdf
[-b-] Bob in Wonderland (29MB) bob.pdf
[-c-] Crimson Sexy Jalapeños crimson-in-out-zip crimson.pdf
[-d-] Deep800080 (5MB) deep.pdf
[-g-] Zeldain Garden garden.pdf
[-h-] Light Emitting Hindenburg hindenburg.pdf
[-k-] K==S kequalss.pdf
[-p-] Ponk Warshall ponk.pdf
[-s-] Saba1000kg (29MB) saba.pdf
[-s-] Screamers in the Storm screamers.pdf
[-t-] The Bugs (4MB) thebugs.pdf
All problems Presentation of solutions (101MB)