Problems, inputs, outputs and oficial solutions

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[-l-] Fractional Lotion (*) fl.out fl.pdf fl.C
[-m-] Folded Map fm.out fm.pdf fm.C fm-slow.c
[-n-] Furry Nuisance 4MB fn.out fn.pdf fn.C
[-o-] Fence Orthogonality 1MB fo.out fo.pdf fo.c
[-p-] Flower Pots fp.out fp.pdf fp.C
[-q-] Frustrated Queue fq.out fq.pdf fq.c
[-r-] Frozen Rose-Heads (*) 3MB fr.out fr.pdf fr.c
[-s-] False Sense of Security (*) fs.out fs.pdf fs.C
Introduction,, intro.pdf
Presentation of solutions

FL: Inspired by Project Euler Problem 108
FR: Adapted from Stanford Local ACM Contest 2009
FS: Adapted from Greater New York ACM Regionals 2001