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ACM Programming Contest

Non-Ascii Characters

The most European languages use diacritic marks on miscellaneous characters (acutes, checks, circles, tildes). Especially some Slavonian languages have very rich character set. Probably, many contestants will have such "strange" characters in their names. Many czech words and names include such marks. We would prefer to use the names with any appropriate marks but this causes many problems with computer processing since many different encoding tables are used in various countries.

So we do not use any non-ascii encoded characters on our pages. If we need to write any word with such character, we use the convention very similar to the LaTeX style. The only difference between our style and LaTeX style is that we omit the TeX brackets. The following table shows how to write the most important diacritic marks. These marks may be used with any character - the letter "a" is used just as an example.

LaTeX commandname of the markexample
\'aacute a acute
\`agrave a grave
\^acircumflex a circ
\~atilde a tilde
\"adieresis a dieres
\raring a ring
\cacedilla a cedil
\vacheck a check
\.adot a dot
\Haumlaut a umlaut
\lstrike l strike