The 2020 Central Europe Regional Contest

The Central Europe Regional Contest is one of the regional programming contests to select the teams that will represent region in the ICPC World Finals 2021 - finals of the 45th International Collegiate Programming Contest will be held in 2022.
The International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) is the premiere global programming competition conducted by and for the world's universities. For over four decades, the ICPC has grown to be a game-changing global competitive educational program that has raised aspirations and performance of generations of the world's problem solvers in the computing sciences and engineering.
Additionals informations are in fact sheet.

The Central Europe Regional Contest 2020 is hosted by the Czech Technical University in Prague. The CERC 2020 will be held from 25. till 26. Sep 2021, in online form. Teams from seven European countries (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia) are expected to compete.

The Registration to the contest can be done by the coach, representative of your university. To advance to the regional contest it is necessary to comply rules represented in The Eligibility Decision Tree.
When the eligibility decision tree is fulfilled for November 2020 (the original date, when the CERC should be held) or fulfilled for September 2021 (when it will be held), then the student is eligible. But if the participant is not a student anymore in September 2021, then he cannot participate, because the Certificate of eligibility will not be provided by the university, and also the coach from the university should not register anybody who is not a student anymore.
The coach should fill the Certificate of eligibility of his team and send the scanned version to our email address.

Good luck to all the teams!