Problems, inputs, outputs and oficial solutions

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[-c-] Chasing the Cheetahs 17MB cheetahs.out cheetahs.pdf cheetahs.C
[-d-] Falcon Dive dive.out dive.pdf dive.C
[-f-] The Fox and the Owl fox.out fox.pdf fox.C
[-h-] Feeding the Herrings herrings.out herrings.pdf herrings.C
[-j-] Jumping Yoshi jump.out jump.pdf jump.C
[-l-] Lunch Menu lunch.out lunch.pdf lunch.c
[-o-] The Owl and the Fox owl.out owl.pdf owl.C
[-p-] Plankton Food plankton.out plankton.pdf plankton.C
[-s-] Hacking the Screen screen.out screen.pdf screen.C
[-t-] Visitors' Train train.out train.pdf train.C
Presentation of solutions (8.6MB)