Problems, inputs, outputs and oficial solutions

    In Out PDF Solutions
Kolonie kolonie.out kolonie.pdf kolonie.c
Most most.out most.pdf most.c
Stavitel stavitel.out stavitel.pdf stavitel.c
Lodý lode.out lode.pdf lode.c
Direct Visibility visible.out visible.pdf visible.c
Karel the Robot karel.out karel.pdf karel.C
More or Less Accurate more.out more.pdf more.C
Self-Intersecting Path (3MB) self.out self.pdf self.C
Lengthy Traveling Salesman lengthy.out lengthy.pdf lengthy.C
Picture Validator validate.out validate.pdf validate.C
Introduction, intro.pdf
Presentation of solutions (PPTX), Presentation of solutions (PDF) (7.7MB)
ETN quiz (11.5MB)