Problems, inputs, outputs and oficial solutions

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[-a-] Analog Clock Display analog.out analog.pdf analog.c
[-c-] Collatz Conjecture collatz.out collatz.pdf collatz.c
[-e-] Text Encryption encipher.out encipher.pdf encipher.c
[-g-] Mine the Gradient 24MB gradient.out gradient.pdf gradient.c
[-i-] Invasion 3MB invasion.out invasion.pdf invasion.c
[-m-] Intergalactic Mortgage 3MB mortgage.out mortgage.pdf mortgage.c
[-p-] Simple Polygon 5MB polygon.out polygon.pdf polygon.c
[-r-] Ambiguous Result result.out result.pdf result.C
[-t-] Domino tiling tiling.out tiling.pdf tiling.c
Introduction,, intro.pdf
Presentation of solutions (2.3MB) (38.8MB)