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ACM Programming Contest

ČVUT FEL-- 2004 - Seznam odevzdaných řešení

200:18:39:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzacable.crejected, runtime error
300:25:34:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzacable.crejected, runtime error
400:29:49:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzacable.crejected, wrong answer
500:36:08:Cteam20 - Martin Kačertransmit.caccepted
600:36:52:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzacable.crejected, wrong answer
700:38:12:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzacable.crejected, wrong answer
800:50:30:Cteam20 - Martin Kačerspell.caccepted
900:58:40:Cteam04 - Tomáš Pokornýspell.caccepted
1001:03:54:Cteam19 - Jan Kybiccable.crejected, runtime error
1101:10:58:Cteam20 - Martin Kačercable.caccepted
1201:16:38:Cteam19 - Jan Kybiccable.crejected, time limit exceeded
1301:19:47:Cteam18 - Michal Ševčenkonumbers.Crejected, wrong answer
1401:22:25:Cteam19 - Jan Kybiccable.crejected, runtime error
1501:28:04:Cteam20 - Martin Kačergame.crejected, wrong answer
1601:30:50:Cteam19 - Jan Kybiccable.crejected, runtime error
1701:30:59:Cteam18 - Michal Ševčenkonumbers.Crejected, presentation error
1801:31:43:Cteam18 - Michal Ševčenkonumbers.Caccepted
1901:32:06:Cteam20 - Martin Kačergame.caccepted
2001:41:09:Cteam19 - Jan Kybiccable.crejected, wrong answer
2101:44:01:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzaspell.caccepted
2201:51:28:Cteam04 - Tomáš Pokornýtransmit.crejected, wrong answer
2301:53:53:Cteam04 - Tomáš Pokornýtransmit.crejected, wrong answer
2401:54:04:Cteam20 - Martin Kačernumbers.caccepted
2501:58:12:Cteam18 - Michal Ševčenkospell.Crejected, wrong answer
2602:02:29:Cteam04 - Tomáš Pokornýtransmit.crejected, wrong answer
2702:02:39:Cteam19 - Jan Kybiccable.crejected, runtime error
2802:04:37:Cteam19 - Jan Kybiccable.crejected, runtime error
2902:04:40:Cteam18 - Michal Ševčenkospell.Crejected, wrong answer
3002:04:54:Cteam19 - Jan Kybiccable.crejected, runtime error
3102:07:27:Cteam10 - Marek Hanuštransmit.Caccepted
3202:08:46:Cteam19 - Jan Kybiccable.crejected, wrong answer
3302:19:30:Cteam18 - Michal Ševčenkospell.Crejected, wrong answer
3402:24:07:Cteam19 - Jan Kybiccable.caccepted
3502:29:20:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzanumbers.crejected, wrong answer
3602:32:02:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzanumbers.crejected, wrong answer
3702:41:45:Cteam20 - Martin Kačerframes.crejected, wrong answer
3802:47:12:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzanumbers.caccepted
3902:50:11:Cteam20 - Martin Kačerframes.caccepted
4002:55:06:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzacable.caccepted
4102:57:31:Cteam18 - Michal Ševčenkotransmit.Crejected, wrong answer
4203:02:24:Cteam18 - Michal Ševčenkotransmit.Caccepted
4303:08:57:Cteam20 - Martin Kačerdna.caccepted
4403:09:09:Cteam09 - Stanislav Hotmargame.crejected, time limit exceeded
4503:09:20:Cteam09 - Stanislav Hotmargame.crejected, time limit exceeded
4603:09:51:Cteam19 - Jan Kybictransmit.crejected, time limit exceeded
4703:11:07:Cteam18 - Michal Ševčenkospell.Caccepted
4803:34:08:Cteam10 - Marek Hanušspell.Crejected, wrong answer
4903:36:13:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzadna.crejected, wrong answer
5003:38:28:Cteam19 - Jan Kybictransmit.caccepted
5103:42:31:Cteam05 - Jan Holubspell.caccepted
5203:43:34:Cteam04 - Tomáš Pokornýframes.crejected, wrong answer
5303:48:04:Cteam10 - Marek Hanušspell.Crejected, wrong answer
5403:53:55:Cteam20 - Martin Kačeraching.crejected, wrong answer
5503:57:25:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzadna.crejected, wrong answer
5603:59:21:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzadna.crejected, wrong answer
5704:00:24:Cteam20 - Martin Kačeraching.caccepted
5804:10:44:Cteam18 - Michal Ševčenkocable.Caccepted
5904:26:38:Cteam09 - Stanislav Hotmartransmit.crejected, wrong answer
6004:27:08:Cteam10 - Marek Hanušspell.Crejected, wrong answer
6104:31:59:Cteam09 - Stanislav Hotmartransmit.crejected, wrong answer
6204:32:26:Cteam19 - Jan Kybicnumbers.crejected, wrong answer
6304:33:58:Cteam09 - Stanislav Hotmartransmit.crejected, wrong answer
6404:39:49:Cteam19 - Jan Kybicnumbers.crejected, wrong answer
6504:42:38:Cteam19 - Jan Kybicnumbers.caccepted
6604:43:45:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzadna.crejected, wrong answer
6704:44:34:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzadna.crejected, wrong answer
6804:47:41:Cteam13 - Václav Jůzadna.crejected, wrong answer