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ACM Programming Contest

Where am I and what is it all about?

If you are a random visitor of these pages and you do not know anything about the Programming Contest, please follow this link to get some basic info about this interesting competition.

How to find something on these pages?

This help page was created as a manual on using other Contest Pages. By itself, it does not contain any facts about the actual Contest. If you have any questions considering the Contest, try the FAQ Page instead.

All the Contest Pages are divided into several categories:

  • Rules & Environment are the most important topics. These sections contain information on the Contest Rules and on the environment which is used for all contests at CTU. There is also description of the operating system and of all needed commands.
  • Frequently Asked Questions contain questions which have been often asked during the last years. If you have any difficulties interpreting the rules, or any other questions about Contest, be sure to first check our FAQ page.
  • How to Get to Us helps participants of any Contest held at CTU. This information includes location of the CTU building, public transport system in Prague and so on. It does not depend on the specific Contest your are participating.
  • Organization Team is the basic information about the people who help to prepare the Contest. If you are interested in who these people are, try to look at this page.
  • PGP Public Key is the public key used by our team to sign the outcoming mail. You may also encrypt any e-mail for us if you want.
  • Other Sites are some hypertext links to other WWW servers that have something in common either with the Contest.
  • Contest specific pages include registration forms for specific contests, listing of participating teams (before the contest), online standings and statistics (during the contest) and results and problems text (after the end of the contest).
    These pages are accessible through the year-numbered balls on the main page. For example, if you are interested in Central European Regional Contest 2011, click on the red ball with the number 11.

If you are in doubt, if you discover any problem with these pages, or if you have any questions considering the Contest, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to the Organization Team. Thank you.