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ACM Programming Contest

Sample Solutions and Test Data

The following table lists all the problems. There are two sample solutions (judges' solutions), test data and expected output for this test data. The timeout for each problem is also stated. For comparison (you probably have machine of different speed) there are also the running times achieved by the sample solutions.

There are probably some minor errors in sample solution away.p. That problem appeared to be more complicated but we did not want to remove it from the problem set anyway.

Unfortunately, there is also an error in sample solution words.c. Thanks to Zdenek Sawa (contestant from Ostrava) for discovering it. Important thing is that the judges' test data is correct in both cases.


Problem C/C++ Pascal Test Data Time
filetime filetime inputoutput
away none away.p 35.8 s away.in away.out 50 s
box box.c 0.16 s box.p 0.51 s box.in box.out 2 s
code code.c 2.04 s code.p 1.78 s code.in code.out 5 s
key key.c 0.44 s key.p 1.49 s key.in key.out 3 s
labyrinth labyrinth.C 4.59 s labyrinth.p 14.7 s labyrinth.in labyrinth.out 25 s
pig pig.c 3.77 s pig.p 5.11 s pig.in pig.out 9 s
stone stone.c 0.18 s stone.p 0.53 s stone.in stone.out 2.5 s
words words.c 6.65 s words.p 3.44 s words.in words.out 30 s

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