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ACM Programming Contest

Home Directories

Here they are. You may access the home directories of all contest teams. The files show the state after the Contest end. All files (directories) are compressed using gzip.


Team University
cteam11 Uni of Ljubljana 1
cteam12 Uni of Matej Bel 1
cteam13 Warsaw Uni 2
cteam14 Vienna U of Technolg 1
cteam15 Technical U Kosice 1
cteam16 Eotvos Lorand Uni 1
cteam17 Masaryk Uni Brno
cteam18 U.P.J.Safarika Kosice
cteam21 Charles Uni Prague 1
cteam22 CS Inst, Uni Wroclaw 1
cteam23 Technical Uni Gdansk
cteam24 Jagiellonian Uni 1
cteam25 Jozsef Attila Uni 1
cteam26 Uni of Latvia 1
cteam27 Silesia U of Technolg 1
cteam28 Slovak U of Technolg 1
cteam31 University of Zilina 1
cteam32 Comenius Uni Blava 1
cteam33 Tech Uni of Ostrava 1
cteam34 Tech Uni of Budapest 1
cteam35 Wroclaw U of Technolg 2
cteam36 FEI of Uni of Economics Blava 1
cteam37 West Bohemian Uni Pilsen 1
cteam38 Poznan Uni of Technology 1
cteam39 Jagiellonian University 2
cteam41 University of Matej Bel 2
cteam42 Warsaw University 1
cteam43 Eotvos Lorand Uni, Budapest 2
cteam44 Technical Uni of Szczecin 1
cteam45 Palacky University
cteam46 Wroclaw Uni of Technology 1
cteam47 Slovak U of Technology, Blava 2
cteam48 University of Zagreb
cteam51 University of Ljubljana 2
cteam52 Technical Uni of Ostrava 2
cteam53 University of Latvia 2
cteam54 Poznan Uni of Technology 2
cteam55 Uni of Mining and Metalurgy
cteam56 Jozsef Attila Uni Szeged 2
cteam61 University of Zilina 2
cteam62 Institute of CS, U Wroclaw 2
cteam63 Nicholas Copernicus University
cteam64 Comenius Uni Bratislava 2
cteam65 FEI of Uni of Economics Blava 2
cteam66 Silesia Uni of Technology 2
cteam67 Charles University Prague 2
cteam68 Vienna Uni of Technology 2

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