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ACM Programming Contest

Public Inquiry

The inquiry serves for us to know what did the contestants like, what they did not like and what should be improved until the next year. We would be extremely glad if you find time to fill it in. Thank you!

Each question should be answered by one of the six grades:

  • 0 - I do not know
  • 1 - yes, I absolutely agree
  • 2 - yes
  • 3 - I am undecided
  • 4 - no
  • 5 - no, definitely not

Your University Name (you may leave it blank if you want)
Your Position
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Web Web pages were always up-to-date. yes no
Web pages contained all the needed information. yes no
The information was good organized (easy to find). yes no
The graphics used on the web was nice. yes no
The access was fast enough. yes no
Email The information sent by e-mail was always up-to-date. yes no
No important info was missing in e-mail messages. yes no
The e-mail info was always easy to understand. yes no
The e-mail responses were always polite and kind. yes no
The responses to e-mail questions were fast. yes no
Hotel The Contest Hotel was not expensive. yes no
The Contest Hotel was good. yes no
Staff The people around the Contest were kind and polite. yes no
It was always possible to find someone when needed. yes no
The English they were speaking was good. yes no
Presentation The presentation of CTU was interesting. yes no
The professional knowledge of the speakers was good. yes no
The CTU presentation was enjoyable. yes no
The presentation was very useful. yes no
System &
The used environment was user-friendly. yes no
The evaluation system and environment were fast. yes no
The environemnt was comfortable. yes no
The system information (state, rank) was well-arranged. yes no
Food There was enough food by each meal. yes no
The meals were good. yes no
The problem set was too difficult. yes no
The problem set was too easy. yes no
The problems were from different areas. yes no
The timeouts for solutions were well defined. yes no
The Antique Theater stories were nice. yes no
The Bethlehem Chapel is a nice place for the ceremony. yes no
The length of the ceremony was good. yes no
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