Problems, inputs, outputs and oficial solutions

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[-a-] Amusement Anticipation amusement.out amusement.pdf amusement.C
[-c-] Pond Cascade (10MB) cascade.out cascade.pdf cascade.C
[-d-] Chessboard Dancing chessboard.out chessboard.pdf chessboard.C
[-e-] Equinox Roller Coaster (7MB) equiroaster.out equiroaster.pdf equiroaster.C
[-f-] Forest Picture forest.out forest.pdf forest.C
[-g-] Shooting Gallery gallery.out gallery.pdf gallery.C
[-i-] Ice cream samples (18MB) icecream.out icecream.pdf icecream.C
[-m-] Dark Ride with Monsters (31MB) monsters.out monsters.pdf monsters.C
[-n-] Go Northwest! northwest.out northwest.pdf northwest.C
[-p-] Punching Power power.out power.pdf power.C
[-w-] Treetop Walkway walkway.out walkway.pdf walkway.C
Introduction + all problems Presentation of solutions (110MB)