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Colorful Tribune
tribune.c, tribune.cpp, tribune.c11,,
You are visiting your friends on a summer holiday sports camp. When you arrive there is a
volleyball tournament going on. Various clubs from the villages in the camp neighborhood are
taking part in the tournament. Each club is recognized by a color which is different from the
colors of all other clubs and also the fans of each particular club are wearing t-shirts with the
color of their club.
Amazingly, the tribune on which the fans are sitting is suited very well for the tournament: The
number of seat rows and also the number of seat columns (perpendicular to the seat rows) is
equal to the number of the clubs participating in the tournament. Moreover, quite unbelievably,
the number of fans of each club is also equal to the number of clubs.
The last game of the tournament is to begin shortly. To make the display on the tribune more
attractive, the fans decided to arrange themselves in such way that each fan will occupy exactly
one seat and each row and each column will be occupied by fans of all clubs. After some scramble,
they manage to achieve this configuration and the game is about to start. Suddenly, someone
in the crowd around you points to the tribune and shouts "Hey, John is not wearing his club's
color!". You do not know who John is and therefore you do not know where is he sitting or
what color he should be wearing. Nevertheless, if John is the only person on the tribune who
failed to be dressed in proper color then it is possible, just by careful observation of the tribune,
to find him and determine the color of his club.
Input Specification
In this problem, we denote the colors of the clubs by capital letters "A", "B", ..., "Z". There are
more test cases. Each case starts with a line containing one integer N (3 N 26) which is the
number of teams taking part in the tournament. Next, there are N lines describing the colors
worn by the fans on the tribune. Each line corresponds to one row of sets and it contains one
string of length N . Each character in the string represents the color which the corresponding
fan is wearing. The order of seats on the tribune is the same as the order of characters in the
Output Specification
For each test case, print a single line with two integers R, C , and a character V . The values
of R and C specify the row and the column on the tribune where John is sitting and the letter
V specifies the color of his club. Rows and columns are numbered 1, 2, . . . , N . The successive
values on the output line should be separated by one space.
Sample Input
Output for Sample Input