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It's Raining, Man
raining.c, raining.cpp, raining.c11,,
Walter is spending holidays at the farm of his great-grandfather. It is raining and raining and
raining. Walter sits in the attic of an aged barn where he has found a pack of old poker cards
among piles of various dusty junk. The cards look quite antiquated and interesting. He starts
to lay down the cards one by one, side by side, on the floor when he suddenly notices that
there appears to be some kind of order in their sequence. Many pairs of successive cards are
either of the same rank or of the same suit. "This might be a nice little puzzle," says Walter
to himself. "I wonder if I can rearrange the sequence so that each two consecutive cards share
either the rank or the suit. But wait, the pack looks to be incomplete, that might severely limit
the arrangement possibilities, hmm..."
Help Walter determine whether his puzzle is solvable.
Input Specification
There are more test cases. Each test case consists of a single line on which all cards in the pack
are listed. The list starts with one integer L (1 L 52), denoting the number of cards in the
pack, followed by a space and L card descriptions. Each card is described by a two character
string. The first character denotes the rank of the card ("A"=Ace, "2"­"9", "X"=10, "J"=Jack,
"Q"=Queen, "K"=King) and the second character denotes the suit of the card ("C"=Clubs,
"D"=Diamonds, "H"=Hearts, "S"=Spades). The successive card descriptions are separated by
one space.
Output Specification
For each test case, print a single line with the string "YES" if the puzzle is solvable or a line with
the string "NO" if the puzzle is not solvable.
Sample Input
8 2C 2D 2H 2S XC JS QS KS
4 5C 4H AS 9D
Output for Sample Input