Problems, inputs, outputs and oficial solutions

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[-a-] Aerial Archeology archeology.out archeology.pdf archeology.C
[-b-] Hot Air Ballooning balloon.out balloon.pdf balloon.C
[-c-] Cable Connection (5MB) cable.out cable.pdf cable.C
[-d-] Rotating Display display.out display.pdf display.C
[-f-] Fence fence.out fence.pdf fence.C
[-h-] Tree Stands huntsmen.out huntsmen.pdf huntsmen.C
[-o-] Orchard Division (11MB) orchard.out orchard.pdf orchard.C
[-r-] It's Raining, Man raining.out raining.pdf raining.C
[-s-] Suspicious Samples samples.out samples.pdf samples.C
[-t-] Colorful Tribune tribune.out tribune.pdf tribune.C
Introduction + all problems Presentation of solutions
[-b-] Etnetera Brevity Challenge brevity.out brevity.pdf brevity-pres.c brevity-short.c brevity-073.c (19MB)