ACM Programming Contest

CTU Open 2010 - Problem set

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[-a-] Arbitrage? arbitrage.out arbitrage.pdf arbitrage.C
[-b-] Bus Schedules bus.out bus.pdf bus.c
[-c-] Bus Clock Display clock.out clock.pdf clock.c
[-d-] Measuring Problem Difficulty difficult.out difficult.pdf difficult.C difficult-slow.C
[-e-] The Easiest Problem is This One easy.out easy.pdf easy.c
[-f-] Prohibición de fumar fumar.out fumar.pdf fumar.c fumar-slow.c
[-g-] Pyramid Guards guard.out guard.pdf guard.c
[-h-] Hack around the Lock hack.out hack.pdf hack.c
[-i-] God Save the i-th Queen ith.out ith.pdf ith.c ith-slow.c
Introduction,, intro.pdf
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