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ACM Programming Contest

CTU Open 2009 - Problem set

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[-a-] Arable Area aa.in aa.out aa.ps aa.pdf aa.c aa.java
[-c-] Clock Captcha cc.in cc.out cc.ps cc.pdf cc.C cc.java
[-d-] Digital Display dd.in dd.out dd.ps dd.pdf dd.C dd.java
[-i-] Intriguing Identifiers ii.in ii.out ii.ps ii.pdf ii.c ii.java
[-l-] Letters Lies ll.in ll.out ll.ps ll.pdf ll.c ll.java
[-o-] Odd Opportunities oo.in oo.out oo.ps oo.pdf oo.c oo.java
[-p-] Peculiar Primes pp.in pp.out pp.ps pp.pdf pp.c pp.java
[-r-] Robotic Rails rr.in rr.out rr.ps rr.pdf rr.C rr.java
[-s-] Suspicious Stocks ss.in ss.out ss.ps ss.pdf ss.c ss.java
intro.ps, intro.pdf
Presentation of solutions

Komplet (1.5MB)